Platinum Scraps was originally launched February of 2010 as a vision of several friends who met on the Cricut Message board who wanted to venture out into creating, sharing, and showcasing the many talents each of us possess. Platinum Scraps showcases the diversity in scrapbooking and features designers from all walks of life. To keep the tradition going, each week our design team is challenged to create a unique layout or card based on a sketch that exemplifies their skills and talents. We hope that we inspire your creations and we appreciate your continued love and support as we grow together.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Time Out Thursday

Tsrel (Tonya) shares her ribbon storage tip.  Many of us love, love, love ribbon.  But after collecting (oops purchasing) so much ribbon, space becomes an issue.  After trying many ideas from the ribbon storage container at Walmart, to just a large box with them all dumped together I have found a great idea that is inexpensive and allows me to color code the ribbon as well.  I use Ziploc storage bags and rubber bands to house my ribbon.  I take the ribbon off the spools, wrap it up and bind it with the rubber band.  Then the ribbon is sorted by color and placed in the zip loc bag.  I place the Ziploc bags in my Jetmax drawer specifically for ribbons.  This has worked wonders and allows me to see just what I have.  No more bulky spools and it allows me more room to "Collect" ribbon.  Hope this idea will inspire you to share with us your ribbon storage tips.


  1. great idea, I have a box with the ribbon all thrown in & have to dig to find anything (frustrating) thanks

  2. That's a great tip Tonya ... my ribbon is in such a mess ... How embarrassing, and I know better too (hanging head in shame). But this idea looks super easy!


  3. Love it! I was just telling my friend last night that I was going to do that and use a paper clip! the rubber band is better!

  4. What a great idea! I seem to have so much trouble when it come to organizing my ribbon. TFS!


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