Platinum Scraps was originally launched February of 2010 as a vision of several friends who met on the Cricut Message board who wanted to venture out into creating, sharing, and showcasing the many talents each of us possess. Platinum Scraps showcases the diversity in scrapbooking and features designers from all walks of life. To keep the tradition going, each week our design team is challenged to create a unique layout or card based on a sketch that exemplifies their skills and talents. We hope that we inspire your creations and we appreciate your continued love and support as we grow together.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Technique Challenge Week - Dry Embossing

This week the design team had to make a project using the dry embossing technique.  In order to "dry emboss", you will need a die cut machine and die or dies. 

There are many machines out there that allow you to dry emboss and most of them are interchangeable (meaning one die will work in another machine).  The leading die cut machines on the market for the average scrapbooker are Cuttlebug, Sizzix, and Quickutz die cutting systems.  Each machine plates.  Refer to your owners manual for instructions as to which plate does what. 

You can also emboss with a stylus and believe it or not, but I was told by a friend, that you could emboss with a rolling pen and your die folder.  Go figure.

 Happy Memorial Day to all of our friends and followers. 

Designer's Take

"In Bloom"

"In A Pickle"

"Just Because"

"Thank You"

"You Are My Here"

"Chill Out"

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Surprise

Here are a few LO's created by two of our designers and our May Guest Designer.

"Easter Sunday"
Sanura Scraps

 "The Boys"

Guest Designer's Surprise
 "Car Wash"

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Time Out Thursday - To Journal or Not to Journal

This week's time out Thursday is brought to you by Leialoha.  Lei selected journaling as her topic of discussion for this week because she feels that she struggles with journaling.  Creating a catchy title or placing the sections for journaling has always been an issue for Lei.    

All the time, people say what is the importance of journaling?  Doesn't the picture(s) say it all?  The answer may be yes some of the time but not all of the time.  As the years go by, let's face it our memories fade and this is where journaling becomes very important.  

Journaling comes in many forms.  It may be just your title, sometimes this says it all, or it may be an actual written description of what is taking place in the photo. for example, your child's first day at school. 

You may ask does it have to be handwritten and the answer is no.  This a personal preference and one that is up to the creator.  Many scrappers believe that journaling in your own handwriting enhances your story and also makes it unique.  While others prefer to type all journaling.  Either way, it is up to the individual but do journal.  Does every page need to have a journal section, no, but incorporate it as much as possible, especially on key events.  

Lei is a member of a local scrap group; Who Gives A Scrap (WHOGAS), and last year one of the members hosted a challenge on journaling that she decided to participate in.I selected "Celebrate A Great Person".  The challenge was to write about a mentor, family member, whoever you believe is great.  Lei chose her Uncle.  Here is her layout including her journaling on the left side of the layout.

Lei has shared a few links that helped her on her road to journaling.  Come back and let us know what you think.  If you have journaling tips, techniques, or ideas, leave the information in our comments section for other readers to view.

Monday, May 24, 2010

All About Me

The sketch for this week was selected by Sanura Scraps. Both sketches are from Each designer had a chance to scrap either sketch but both had to be about you. The designer's did an awesome job with this sketch. Hats off to each of them.

Sketch 1

Sketch 2

Designer's Take

"Proud New Mom"

"The MANY Faces of Me"

"Like A Fine Wine"

"Grown & Sexy"

"My Smile"

"Tiny Dancer"

"Tiny Dancer"


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Time Out Thursday - Ribbon Rose Tutorial

Jennifer, our guest designer recently learned one technique to make ribbon rose flowers.  She shared the tutorial with her readers over at and wanted to give a little love to our followers as well.  Jennifer says they are easy to make and like Simon Cowell says, gives any project that "WOW" factor.  Thanks Jennifer, we can't wait to try these ribbons.

Supplies Needed:

•Ribbon, about 1 yard

•Glue Gun and/or Fabri-Tac adhesive

•Gems or Buttons (optional)

Step 1
 Roll one end of the ribbon into a tube, about 3 layers of ribbon thick.
            Secure with a little glue if you like.

Step 2
  Fold the ribbon to the outside and start wrapping around the tube.
             Continue folding back the ribbon every 1/2 turn or so.
             You should see the rosebud starting to form.
*The following photos displays how the flower should look after each several rotations.

Step 3
 Continue with your ribbon until the end or until it looks full.

Step 4
Turn the rose over and secure the back with glue. 
Putting glue under the folds if need be.
You don’t wanna do all that work and then have the rose fall apart.

Step 5
Add buttons or gems to the center of your rose if you like.
Add to your project.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Three Bugs in A Rug Sponsor Paper

This week each designer received paper from Rick over at  Thanks Rick for not knowing much about us but believing that we could showcase your product.  Rick sent each designer a sticker sheet, and different sheets of each paper.  No designer had the exact same paper.  This company puts out great paper.  The sheets are double sided and heavy. 

 Below are several sheets that are in three chicks paper pack.  Thanks again Rick.

 Guest Designers Take

"Busy Bee"

"Warm Spring Wishes"

Designer's Take

"Bloom and Grow"


"Spring Is In The Air"

"You Can't Uncrack An Egg"
Outside View

"Sunny Side Up"
Inside View

"My Kids"

"Ready, Set, Blow"
Outside View

"Ready, Set, Blow"
Inside View

"Parade of Cards"

"Bee Happy"

"Card Box"

"Card Box"
Side View

"Fun in the Sun"

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time Out Thursday - Glass Etching

This week, Sanura Scraps brings our viewers a step by step photo guide for glass etching.

Supplies Needed
Small container to hold etching cream
Glass Item (In this case, a plate)
Armor Etching Cream
Painter's Tape
Sponge Brush

Step 1
Turn plate over ( you should be working on the bottom of the plate)
Anchor the Stencil in place with the Painter's Tape on the flate side of the plate.
Be careful not to cover parts you intend to etch

Step 2
Pour your etching cream into your container

Step 3
Using your spong brush, "paint" the area of the stencil with the etching cream
Remember to cover every area of the glass item you want etched.
Take care to not allow your stencil to move. 
If this happens, cream will etch areas that weren't supposed to be covered.
Etching cream is not forgiving.  Once it touches and area, it is there to stay.
VERY IMPORTANT! allow the area you have etched to stand for a few minutes. 
Do not remove the stencil. 
This will allow the cream to bond to the item you are etching.

Step 4
Allow the cream to set for about 5 to 7 minutes.
Take a warm cloth and remove the etching cream.
Remove your stencil
Run the plate under warm water to remove remaining cream
Don't be alarmed if you don't see anything, your item is etched.

Step 5
Dry the plate
Embellish if desired


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