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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Time Out Thursday: Custom Papers

This week's TOT comes from Craftin' Curt:

I love patterned paper and find that sometimes, I just can't find or even buy what I want.  I also like inking my work to create dimension, but words and letters can sometimes be a pain to do.  Well, this super simple and super inexpensive technique helps me solve both of my problems and inspires me with new ideas every time I do it.


Watercolor Paper

Food Coloring

1.  Thoroughly wet the watercolor paper in the sink.  It should be fairly sot when completely wet.  Sit paper, textured side up in the bottom of the sink.

                                                 Closeup of paper texture.

2.  Using food coloring, apply drops of color to the paper in any combination you desire.  It helps to swirl the coloring around the wet paper to promote blending.  For pops of unblended color, don't swirl.

3.  Remove paper from sink and place on paper towels to allow color to soak into paper.  To achieve pastel colors, only allow to soak for 5 minutes and then rinse under lukewarm water.  For darker colors, allow longer.  This is also the point at which the color can be manipulated using combs, paper towels, etc.  Just be creative.

                                                         After excess liquid has been absorbed.

4.  After you notice that there is little or no excess liquid on top of the paper, allow it to hang dry until stiff again and enjoy it!
*I've also tried this with liquid dyes and it works just as well, if not better.  The paper will really soak up the color and wick it into the entire thickness.

                                                                       Finished product

I love the watercolor effect I can achieve with this technique because it cuts down on my inking when cutting words!  It also creates unique card bases, water or sky backgrounds, and fun clothing for dressing up those paper dolls.  The best thing is, you'll always get different patterns and results each time you do it!

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