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Thursday, October 7, 2010

TOT: Go-to Embellishments

This week's TOT comes from Craftin' Curt.  In his own words, he shares his 5 favorite go-to embellishments for those times when he is "less than inspired" and needs that extra touch to complete a project.


Flowers always seem to help me out in a pinch.  I try to keep a variety on hand at all times- layering types, rhinestoned, patterned- so that I can add a little unexpected interest in addition to solving design problems or mistakes.  When layering, use dimensional foam to create some depth.


To be absolutely honest, I really did not take to these when I first came across them.  I thought them to be pointless.  Months later, I saw some on clearance and decided to open my mind to them.  Now, I absolutely love them.  They can be easily colored using inks or markers in a variety of ways.  My favorites are the mini frames because they're so versatile.


I began using these about 5 or 6 years ago....for professional tutus.  I used the ones made by Swarovski and they were (and still are) an easy way to decorate a full tutu without all of the hand sewing or messy glues.  Once I began crafting, my rhinestone collection quickly dwindled as I found that they are perfect for cards and layouts.  The hotfix glue is super strong-once you put it down, it's there for good!  The heat tool isn't necessary (an iron will work) but the interchangeable tips to fit a multitude of rhinestone sizes makes the heat tool a smart purchase.


I lumped these two together because they serve the same purpose for me- detail & accents.  Smooch Inks have a fine-tip brush built into the cap which enables you to use it much like nail polish.  It comes in a variety of colors with a slightly metallic look to them.  Souffle Pens create the look of heat- embossing without the powder or heat!  You have to draw fairly slowly with them, but once dry the ink puffs up slightly and adds interest and texture.


  1. Great Tips Curt. Where do you get the Gel Pens from?

  2. They are available at JoaAnn's (where I got mine with a coupon), Michael's, Hobby Lobby and of course, online. They're only about $12 normally and are very worth it.


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